Natural Hair Rules!!

I have not permed my hair in over 6 years!! and I am NEVER looking back!

Natural Hair has liberated me in more ways than I can express. As a woman of color, as a woman PERIOD hair is such a HUGH part of your identity! When I was a little girl I would’ve given anything to have long flowing hair, that blew in the wind. I felt robbed to be crowned with tightly coiled tresses that wouldn’t budge in a tornado! WTF!!

As a woman who LOVES fashion and makeup, my hair is one of my best accessories, so to cut it all off and start from scratch created a new chapter in my life. I call that chapter… ” the REAL me!”

I let go of ALL of the insecurities and BS that went on within my soul the moment I chopped my hair off with my fabric scissors in the bathroom mirror 6 years ago.  It was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my spirit, and this transition was NOT easy! Natural hair is by NO MEANS easier to maintain than relaxed hair! PLEASE don’t get it twisted! It took me six years to find the PERFECT products for my hair, and I’ve tried EVERYTHING!! I’ve tried —–>

  • Miss Jessies
  • Curlisto
  • Mixed Chicks
  • Kinky Curly
  • Beautiful Curls
  • Obliphica
  • Moroccan Oil
  • Organics (btw none of their ingredients are organic)
  • Carols Daughter
  • home concoctions

UGH!! to the point where I thought it was a HUGH process to achieve curl definition and shine. The problem I was having was I wanted to see curls when my hair air dried, but all I got was a dry fuzz ball on top of my head that I had to manipulate with two-strand twist or  small tight rollers and then take them out (unless I was going for that Ceilie from “the Color Purple” look) and then shape it to perfection.  It was just A LOT!

One day a friend of mine, that I influenced into going natural, came by with a blow out so nice I thought she permed her hair again. She told me about the Hair Rules salon in Manhattan and the founder Anthony Dickie. She also mentioned that he made products for natural hair and she even let me try some of her supply. (I have GREAT friends)

I LOVED the way the products made my hair feel but I still didn’t know what I was doing until I met Mr. Dickie myself and he showed me the exact products I needed, and how to use them!

$600 later I could not be happier and I honestly would not go anywhere else for maintenance or use any other products in my hair, PERIOD!

My latest trip to the Hair Rules I touched up my color, got a trim and snapped a few pics—>

Before the cut

Anthony did some hot rollers this time, and I really liked where this was going

A VERY satisfied client!

From the Hair Rules line up I use

  • Daily Cleansing Cream (No-Suds Shampoo)
  • Quench Conditioner
  • & Curly Whip


I would say that I wash my hair every 3 to 4 days and I wanted to show you pics of  my Hair Rules results

This is straight out the shower right after using all three products listed above

I got dressed, and as you can see, the shrinkage has begun LOL!

Quick makeup job and I’m off!! right here it is around 10 am and my hair is still dripping

It’s around 9 pm now, I’m at my office and my hair is completely air dried and you still see a lot of curl definition!

This is day 2 and the curls are still going strong! and BTW I do not sleep with a cap on my head, I’m sure I probably should but I could NEVER find it soooo… I just run a mix of organic coconut oil and Moroccan oil through it with my fingers in the morn and I’m OFF!

NICE RIGHT??!!  lots of shrinkage but still lots of curl definition and shine. The main thing that I have been searching for since the beginning of “the REAL me” chapter!

Everyone ALWAYS asks what I use in my hair when I rock my natural curls, so I know it’s not makeup but it’s still beautiful and I had to share!

Thank You Anthony XoXo!! Check him out at




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  1. jackie says:

    I am in love with Hair Rules. I tried each and every product you have listed above. I brought the Hair rules line firt, and although I loved the shampoo and condish, I hated the kinky curly cream, so I shelved the line. Meanwhile, 6 months later, I see something on youtube and decide to make a trip to ulta and buy a small curly whip. My life was changed. That stuff is the bomb. I buy 2 and 4 at a time. I cannot run out. And here’s a tip in case you or anyone has my issue. I have one side of my hair that’s a tighter curl. It shrinks more and I would manipulate that side more and in the process cause frizz. Really even if I didn’t touch it very much it would still frizz. I went to my salon, told her my problem (I go for color) and she put a glaze on. That did it. No more frizz. No more pulling, yanking, anc coloring that side. I know my hair will grow much beter because I don’t have HIH desease anymore. So ladies, a semi-permanent glzae (wella is what she used on me) done by a salon (I heard the at home ones are stronger) is the way to go to eliminate frizz and in the process cure HIH.

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