Weekly Beauty Fix2


This week, I broke out… YIKES!!! Time to deep clean the brushes! I was on the hunt for NEW skin care.

Todays Spot: Wholefoods Paramus NJ

Helpful: :( forgot to get his name…bad editor!! we’ll call him Mr Helpful …until I see him again…

I am usually not picky with my skincare but my face was SCREAMING for some exfoliated love and de-clogging care!

Since I’m all about natural ingredients and concoctions I could conjure up in my kitchen, I went to my FAV beauty store EVER,  WHOLEFOODS!! (I seriously need to own stock in wholefoods…) Not Everything I picked up was completely natural but Mr. Helpful convinced me that I needed it in my life… Im such an easy sale….

todays damage—–>


Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream

A gentle deep cleansing exfoliant  that can be used twice a day with bits of  “sweet almond mill” that removes clogged dirt without stripping your skin of it’s natural oils…. i likey, in the basket for $29  (even though it’s online for only $26.50)

Aubrey Blue Green Algae Cleansing Lotion

I got the 4 series for oily/combination skin because I’m an oil slick this time of year. I like that it is specific because all skin is not created equal and i LOOUVEE that it is 100% natural and a lot of the ingredients claim to be organic! NICE!!! So I threw this in the basket for the days that I didn’t want to exfoliate because you never want to OVER exfoliate your skin… that would NOT be pretty.  Even though I like the idea of this product, I don’t know how I feel about the film it leaves after washing…. maybe next time I’ll pick up the complete regimen. $15.98 online, my price at wholefoods….. $19….. SMDH!


Earth Science “Eye Makeup Remover”

An impressive list of natural beneficial ingredients like Vitamin E and Green Tea, NO artificial colors and fragrance free. I just wish it came in a wipe!!  and I wish I didn’t have to rinse afterwards…. but HA!! It was on sale f0r $8 at wholefoods and its online for $8.59

Hey I’ll take it!

Mountain Ocean Coconut Skin Trip

I LOVE coconuts, cocobutter yummy smelly goods, so this caught my attention. I was expecting a thicker, richer cream but instead I got a watery runny lotion that was surprisingly very rich in results!! My legs get borderline eczema like when the seasons change so I need HEAVY DUTY MOISTURE that last and doesn’t just sit on top of my skin. I Ran out of my “Pure Grace” by Philosophy (I even mix Aquaphor with that!!) so I figured I’d try something a little different this time, and I’m happy I did..

dont remember how much it was, but it is around $11 online

I got these  loofah pads for some EXTRA deep exfoliation… $7

Pacifica Natural Soaps smell SOOOOOOOOOOO good!!! and its a scent that last way past your shower!! I try a new one every time!! My FAV so far is “French Lilac” & “Waikiki Pikake” $5ish…


I also took a little trip to ULTA and picked up—>

Petrilude always mentions this stuff in his tutorials so I HAD to pick it up!! It’s supposed to make your loose eyeshadows and glitter stay put, I will let you know how it works out for me. $7

Loreal Telescopic Carbon BLACK Mascara

This Mascara looked interesting to me because honestly, I think this brush is GENIUS!! Ok so it’s NOT a quick coat because of the small brush, but it is thorough!! The design of the brush gives you the ability to hold it at an angle that coats EVERY lash! The formula that is natural yet defining, and I’ve worn it all day without a smudge or any flaking

This is an awful pic, but this is 13 hours after applying the mascara at 8 this morning, top and bottom lashes. I’ve even rubbed my lashes to see if they would flake and NOTHING fell on my cheeks!! NICE!!! all for $9


ok until next week when my shopping itch returns… HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

BTW, In the pic above I am wearing “CANDY YUM YUM” lipstick by MAC cosmetics from the “Quite Cute” collection (limited and sold out EVERYWHERE!)  :(




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