Weekly Beauty Fix 2

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This week I spent my entire Thursday at the MAC Pro store in NYC. If you are a MAC addict and haven’t been yet, WTH are you waiting for?? It is hiding out on the 2nd floor with no signage outside, so it’s exclusivity is misleading. ANY one can shop at the MAC PRO store for products you won’t find at a regular MAC store. CHECK IT OUT—–>



HELPFUL: the asian chick with the dark hair and big glasses…. ┬áThe blonde asian chick, NOT SO MUCH

Todays goody bag included:

Chromagraphic Pencils in

  • Primary Yellow
  • Process Magenta
  • Landscape Green
  • Hi-Def Cyan

Not sure what Ima do with them yet but they look fun!! Stay Tuned for PICS and Tutorials!!!



Cream Color Base in:

  • Kool (a lavenderish pearl)
  • Orange

with pastels being very trendy this season, I plan to highlight with my KOOL cream color base for an element of surprise! Anyone can do a golden, pink or silver highlight but watch me ROCK Lavender!! stay tuned for PICS and Tutorials!!

Pigments in:

  • Museum Bronze
  • Rose Gold

These look AMAZING on ALL skin tones but even more so on me ­čśë

LIP ERASE in “DIM” to mute out any stubborn natural lip color

Chromaline eye-liner in BLACK BLACK… can never have enough BLACK eyeliner!! and this stuff does NOT BUDGE once it sets…. it could be blacker though…. I’m just saying


Studio FIX in “SHIVERING WHITE” for ULTIMATE highlighting amongst the obviously white powder usage!!!

YAY!! also had good times getting my face beat at a MAC PLAY SHOP by a man that taught me lots in my makeup career. Bryan Campbell—->

Fashion Week SS/11 TRENDS


I also took a trip to my Favorite STORE EVER!!! Barnes and Nobles…. Unfortunately I went to the one on 18th and 5th…. ┬áNEVER AGAIN!!

HELPFUL: ABSOLUTELY NO ONE… o wait, The guy at the information desk was cool… but THATS IT!!


LIFE IN COLOR  By: Jesse Garzo & Joe Lupo, I thought it would be good to go to the basics for inspiration and knowledge.

CrazyBusyBeautiful By: Carmindy

You know her from TLC’s “What NOT to Wear” as the Makeup EXPERT! I like her, and this title sounds like my LIFE!!

and lastly….

The Future beyond brands LOVEMARKS by: Kevin Roberts

This has NOTHING to do with makeup, well ……not exactly, but it has everything to do with the brands you choose to NOT live without and how they create an experience that make you a loyal consumer forever!! MAC cosmetics is listed as a LOVEMARK. Building an irresistible BRAND is intriguing to me, so I will let you how I enjoy my new reads!!!

I will share all things BEAUTIFUL as they come into my life.





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