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Feb 19th, 2011


What is the EARTHQUAKE movement, you ask?? is a virtual space of actual empowerment for   Read More

Feb 13th, 2011

2011 Grammy Fun

Lady Gaga walks …ummm,   Read More

Feb 9th, 2011


in NO particular order, for the month of February I will be dedicating my tutorials to WOMEN of beautiful color who have inspired us with their talents and have awed us with their compelling beauty.   Read More

Feb 5th, 2011

How to Clean your BRUSHES!

FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS AND THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN TO YOUR BRUSHES Ever wanted to know how to extend the life of that $40 brush you just bought?? Follow these easy steps and you will have your brushes for years to come!     Read More

Feb 2nd, 2011

Last One Picked

Have you ever wondered what your favorite movie, unforgettable music video, or hilarious TV commercial would look like if there were no makeup artist?     Read More