LOOK AT LOVIE IN THE BACKGROUND LOL, I’m not paying her any attention

In this quick video I show you how to achieve a GLAM look.

It’s very BASIC and touches on a little of everything you may want to know about BEAUTY makeup.

Technique is always important but remember, THIS IS ART! So make it your own!





4 Responses to “QUICK GLAM TUTORIAL”

  1. David Derex says:

    I LOVE your training video! It was a fabulous production, very well done. The makeup steps were clearly demonstrated and annotated, easy to follow. The music was enjoyable, and it was a pleasure to see that sweet, young beauty running around. You have a great on-camera presence. I wouldn’t be surprised if you got an offer for your own TV show.
    All the best to you,
    David Derex
    p.s. I hope we can work together some day.

  2. Seidah Nichols says:

    Thanx David, if you ever want to collaborate on a project you can contact me here :)

  3. Jeanye says:

    You are fabulous!!!! I love your tutorials ! Funky and fun to watch! Keep up the great work! FABULOUS! I can actually do my makeup better looking at these informative videos! Thanks mama! :)

  4. Seidah Nichols says:

    Thank YOU Jeanye!!
    Ima try to keep em coming XOXO

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